Lifting one’s body

Use your own body weight to train - you take it with you everywhere!

Wrestling a branch

Lifting one’s body

Pull yourself up by the arms, with palms either facing you or away from you. You may be able to manage to look over the top of the branch. A small wooden block can be used to help one leg.

Hanging on the branch and lifting your legs towards your stomach is another exercise.

All this helps upper and lower arms, shoulders, back and abdomen.

Push-ups from a branch

Lifting one’s body

Good old-fashioned push-ups. If this is too hard, you can support your thighs. If it is too easy, try clapping between push-ups, or using just one hand!

This trains pectorals, shoulders, and arms.

Leg swing over large trunk

Lifting one’s body

Place your hands on the trunk. Jump over the trunk on one leg or both legs, without moving your hands.

This trains arm and thigh muscles.

Climbing trees

Lifting one’s body

Find a smallish tree with strong branches. See how many times you can climb up and down.

This exercise brings a lot of the body's muscles into play.