Brixe’s spring

Brixe's spring is one of two that rise close to Fodsporet. The other, St. Merte's spring, rises near Hyllested a little further to the south.

Who Brixe, or Birgitte, was, is uncertain. She may have been a local saint who was not officially recognised by the Church.

The spring is in a wood between Sludstrup Church and the Falkensteen estate. A simple wooden cross marks the spot.

Legend has it that two monks were fighting over the same woman. They both died near the spring, which is believed to have healing powers.

It is also said that the animals in surrounding farms will die unless the cross is looked after. When the spring was cleared, several silver coins were found.

A wealthy Dutchman was cured of a bad leg, and was so grateful that he presented the church with a golden leg. This was later used to buy land for the church.