Skælskør – town history

Skælskør was constructed around a narrow leg between the fjord and the cove. The town is one of the smallest market towns in Zealand. It is thought to date from the year 1000 and is mentioned in King Valdemar I's court roll as Skælfiskør, which means 'the town by the mussel beach'.

In the early Middle Ages, Skælskør was an abbey town where Carmelite monks lived. The monastery no longer exists. Like other market towns, Skælskør had a grammar school. Today, the school building is part of the town museum.

Skælskør Station was one of the largest on the rail network. This was not to do with the size of the town but rather the many lines connecting the town with various industries. For many years, Skælskør has been a centre of food production. Today, the best known companies are Harboe Brewery which produces beer and soft drinks and Skælskør Frugtplantage, known for its fruit compotes and jams. 

Source: Skælskør Local Archives