Raising the heart rate

If you leave the paths and move around the wood, your pulse with rise and fall naturally with the various obstacles and uneven conditions of the forest floor.

You can put plenty of effort into this exercise!


Raising the heart rate

Use tree trunks or large stones for stepping - up, down, up, down. Change your starting foot from right to left. Try to vary the tempo.

The tree trunk should not be so high that you have to bend your knees more than 90 degrees. 


Raising the heart rate

Run round the wood, jumping over suitable obstacles. Ensure that your run-up and take-off are clear.

You might find a circuit with jumps that you can run a few times.


Raising the heart rate

Either on a forest path or a large clearing, measure a suitable pitch of about 25 metres, for example. Roll a round trunk to the end and back, either racing the clock or competing against one another. Who is the fastest? 


Raising the heart rate

Find a fairly dense stand of trees to make a slalom, running zigzag between the trees. Race against others or against the clock