The track between Fodby and Hyllinge is specially marked as a bridle way. The track lies between the post and the boundary line. Cross the road at walking pace when the track changes sides. The track is narrow so riding should be done in single file.

Always slow down when you meet others on the trail. Galloping is not allowed.

The car parks at Hyllinge and Fodby have places for a couple of horse trailers. There are also bars for tying your horse.

Most of the bridleway is an old railway ditch. It is therefore not suitable for riding after heavy rainfall. The rest of the trail is a wide verge where additional soil has been laid on top of the stone chippings.  The other verges should not be used for riding as there is only a thin layer of soil on the stones. Riding would destroy the verge here and would result in sharp stones in your horse's hooves. 

Riding on asphalt is detrimental to the surface of the road and hence not permitted.