The development of towns around railway stations

The development of towns around railway stations

In the same way as Sandved to the south east, Dalmose grew around the railway.

At one time, Dalmose consisted of a simple inn that gave the place its name and a few surrounding farms; after the opening of the railway, it became a town in its own right.

Dalmose was at the intersection of the Slagelse to Næstved line and the branch line to Skælskør.

The station was one of the most used for the transport of both people and freight.

Gradually, an industrial zone developed with a company producing feed and a factory for straw goods.

To this day, Dalmose is divided into an industrial area east of Fodsporet and a residential area west of the trail.

Toget går via Dalmose (The train passes through Dalmose) by Henning Pedersen and Ole Chr. Plum

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