Skørpinge rectory

Frederik Engelhardt Boisen (1808-1882) was the vicar at Skørpinge for 13 years. A politically active man, he defended the farmers. In 1848 he was elected to the constitutional assembly.

His wife, Eline Boisen, wrote down her memoirs which were published in a book entitled "- men størst er kærligheden" (- but the greatest of these is charity). Her writing tells of life in the countryside in the middle of the 1800s.

In those days the railway had not yet been constructed and travel was a difficult affair - like the day in March 1838, when Eline Boisen ended up in the stream at Skørpinge together with her coachman, horse and cart.

A memorial has been erected at Halkevad Mindelund for F. E. Boisen, which includes his own motto: "He who bears good news knocks loudly." 

Sources: "- but the greatest of these is charity" by Eline Boisen and Dansk Biografisk Lexicon.