The one-legged troll

Stories and local sayings about trolls and other supernatural creatures abound in several areas of Denmark. The area around Flakkebjerg is no exception.

The story goes that a horseman riding between Skørpinge and Flakkebjerg passed a hill which he could see stood on glowing posts, with many trolls dancing round it.

A very ugly, one-legged troll noticed the rider and came hopping over with a beaker from which he offered the rider a drink. The rider was clever enough to throw the contents of the beaker over his left shoulder. The liquid fell on his horse and scorched off the animal's hair, whereupon horse and rider ran away with the beaker.

This made the troll furious and a pursuit began over the fields right up to Flakkebjerg Church, where the horse jumped the churchyard wall. As churchyards are consecrated ground, the troll could not reach the rider or his beaker. Incensed, the troll threw a mighty stone which missed its target and fell into the stream, Lindes Å.

This same stone now stands as a memorial in Halkevad Mindelund and  if you look closely, you will see the imprint of the troll's fingers on the back of the stone.

Source: Danish Legends, Volume 3, by Evald Tang Kristensen