The blacksmith of Høve

Johannes Vedel (1841-1923), also known as the blacksmith of Høve, recorded his memoirs of the early 20th century. His writing bears witness to the life and times of a young boy through to manhood, in the middle of the 1800s. He enjoyed school; yet his father forbade him to indulge in too much reading. Finally he trained to be a blacksmith, as was the family tradition.

Having taken several courses at people's colleges, Johannes Vedel became engaged in the training of young people. He made it a point of honour to take in apprentices who had had a difficult start in life.

His views on education as a possible way out of an unfortunate childhood were shared by many, and known throughout Denmark.

Johannes Vedel was also deeply involved in politics and the rights embodied in the constitution. He also instigated constitutional meetings in Halkevad Memorial Park near Flakkebjerg. 

Source: 'Fra mine minders verden' (Memories of another world) by Johannes Vedel