Smartphones, games and knowledge

Game info

     Photo: Yellow QR code and arrow.

You can use your smartphone to play games at any of the six 'Planet paths' on Fodsporet.

A Planet path is a model of our solar system on a 1:2.14 billion scale. This scale means it is only 2,102 metres from the sun to the outermost planet of our solar system.

At each planet path there are nine posts with QR codes.

An arrow on one of the posts indicates the start and direction of the game.

There are planet paths at Skælskør, Slagelse, Dalmose, Sandved, Hyllinge and Næstved.

To be able to scan these codes you could download for example this App!

Nature, culture and exercise

The white QR codes provide information on the animal and plant life by Fodsporet.

There are a number of interesting stories about the area in the vicinity of the trail.

Finally, you will find help and inspiration for using the facilities along Fodsporet.