Air lift!

Get ready for a lift: tense your abdomen, suck in your stomach, bend your knees and go into a squat with your bottom out and a straight back.

Knee bends with heavy lift

Air lift!

Keep your back straight.

Make the movements slowly and avoid going down too low.

This trains thighs, arms and the lumbar region.

Arm toning using a log

Air lift!

Lie on your back and raise the log over your head so that your arms are at right angles to your body. Vary the exercise by spacing your hands further apart or closer together.

This tones pectorals and arms.

Lifting a log

Air lift!

Bend your knees and keep your back straight as you go to pick up the log. Lift the log first to your chest and then raise it above your head.

This trains shoulders, arms, back and thighs.

Rock lifting

Air lift!

A classical strong-man discipline! Remember to keep your back straight as you lift. There are plenty of ways to vary the exercise with smaller stones which can be used like ordinary hand weights.

This trains arms, back and thighs.