Branches and rocks on the forest floor or uneven terrain present a great opportunity for balancing.

Balancing exercises strengthen the muscles, particularly in knees and ankles and this can help to prevent twisted joints

Balancing walk – on the level


Walk to and fro along a tree trunk.

If this is too easy, you can perform exercises on the trunk - standing on one leg, sitting and standing without using your hands, running, jumping or hopping on one foot.



Find two roughly parallel trunks and crawl forward using one foot and one hand on one trunk and the opposite hand and foot on the other. 



Using a tree trunk either directly on the ground or suspended over a ditch, a one-to-one wrestling match in best Robin Hood and Little John style! Try a competition!

Balancing walk – on an incline


Find a good solid trunk and lean it up against a tree or other object. Walk to the top and down without support.

If this proves too difficult, use a good long stick for support. If too easy, place the trunk at a steeper angle.