The ruins of Ladby Church

The ruins of Ladby Church

The ruins of Ladby Church lie on a hill just outside Ladby. It is thought that the church was constructed around the year 1200. The church fell into disuse in 1560, when Herluf Trolle exchanged his manor in north Zealand for Frederik II's monastery, Skovkloster.

This was renamed "Herlufsholm". The interiors and clock of the church were reused in Herluf Trolle's newly acquired residence. As Herluf Trolle and his wife Birgitte Gøje were childless, they decided to found a school for children of the noble class.

Today, Herlufsholm is one of the country's oldest public schools, but one does not need to belong to the nobility in order to attend it.

The church ruins at Ladby are now a destination for excursions, with once in a while an outdoor service being held.   

Source: 'Fra gods til skole' (From estate to school)